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July 30, 2019

Three months after selling five local community newspapers to his ex-wife, and opting to keep a newspaper that caters to the LGBTQ community, David Mannis has changed his mind and now says Gay San Diego is for sale. The newspaper, founded by Mannis in 2010, distributes about 10,000 printed copies every other Friday. Mannis, said “My wish is that the paper can continue. I want to make sure the new owner has an interest in providing a voice for the LGBTQ community and is not just an investor looking for a profit.” According to Mannis, Gay San Diego has exceeded $50,000 in net annual profit the past several years. Currently, the staff includes an editor and an advertising sales representative. Printing, distribution and graphics functions are farmed to outside vendors. Mannis, 66, said his motivation for selling is that he wants to retire. He has worked in local publishing since 1979. Mannis and ex-wife Julie Main, married in 1988, operated together the San Diego Community Newspaper Group (SDCNG), publisher of the La Jolla Village News, Beach & Bay Press, covering Pacific Beach, and the Peninsula Beacon, covering Point Loma. Even after their 2002 divorce, they continued to operate SDCNG as business partners and added the San Diego Downtown News to SDCNG’s roster. In 2008, Main took full control of SDCNG and eventually sold the San Diego Downtown News publication to Mannis, who later founded the San Diego Community News Network (SDCNN), publishers of San Diego Uptown News, Gay San Diego and several other newspapers stretching across the county, including the Mission Valley News, La Mesa Courier and Mission Times Courier covering the Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and San Carlos communities. In 2012, Mannis acquired the Downtown News from Main. Earlier this year, Main acquired five of SDCNN’s papers, including the San Diego Uptown News, La Mesa Courier and Mission Times Courier and Mission Valley News (now available only online), and reacquired the San Diego Downtown News. Gay San Diego was not included in the sale at the time. Mannis said he had agreed to continue operating on a short-term basis. “I had planned to enter into semi-retirement with Gay San Diego,” Mannis said, “But, I’ve got a taste of retirement these past three months, and it’s time to pass the torch. Interested parties can contact Mannis at, or (858) 750-5631.

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San Diego native and skateboarding legion Tony Hawk has reprised a 2002 sponsorship for a new ad campaign with Bagel Bites, a food item from the Kraft Heinz Co. (NASDAQ: KHC). Hawk, 51, a father of six, is encouraging other dads in the U.S. to join the #RadDadSquad and share their best dad tricks on social media while they eat Bagel Bites with their kids. Kraft Heinz said its Bagel Bites defines “Rad Dads” as spontaneous dads who go out of their way to create fun moments with their kids and inspire their kids to laugh and find joy in being themselves. “Whether it’s transforming a staircase into an epic slide, hosting tea parties or having a sing-along dance party, the Bagel Bites brand and Hawk want to see what makes you or the dads in your life proud members of the Rad Dad Squad,” the company said. The ad campaign, created by D/CAL, a Vista, Calif.-based creative agency co-founded by Hawk, includes a website,, social content and YouTube video, The 2002 TV commercial that Hawk appeared in for Bagel Bites was significant not only because it was one of his first commercial endorsements but also because a marketer was receptive to the idea of a skateboarder from this quintessential SoCal sport as a celebrity spokesperson. Since then, Hawk has pitched for Mountain Dew, McDonald’s and his own video games and clothing line.


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The City of San Marcos has named Robin Rockey as its communications manager. She will manage the city’s communications strategies for public outreach, community engagement and media relations. Rockey has more than 16 years of experience in public information, journalism, internal communications and digital media management. She was previously the public information specialist with the South Coast Water District, based in Laguna Beach, Calif. She also has worked as a web and social media editor with Westways Magazine and as a copy editor overseeing the website and Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts for Upworthy and Good, a Los Angeles-based online media and social impact company. Rockey serves as a board member of the Public Relations Society of America’s Orange County Chapter.