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May 20, 2019

Broadcast Company of the Americas (BCA), operators of three San Diego radio stations that were broadcasted using Mexico-based transmitters, is out of business. BCA’s XHPRS 105.7 MAX-FM and XEPE 1700-AM went off the air in December. Then, BCA’s sports talk station XPRS 1090-AM The Mighty 1090 continued to air until last month, when the Mexican signal operator replaced XPRS programming with Spanish music. The Mighty 1090, a fixture in the market since its founding in 2003, continued airing content only on the station’s website and app. But that ended last week with BCA ceasing operations. Reports from radio industry trade news outlets featured reprints of emotional tweets and comments from ex-BCA staffers. “It wasn’t a job, it was my life,” wrote Marty Caswell, producer. “There are a couple of words I’d like to say but they’re the words I don’t say,” said Higgins. Talkers, an online news source, lamented the loss of the sports talk format even as an online venture. Another news website called Awful Announcing said, “It’s unfortunate to see this end this way for Smith and the other 1090 broadcasters, not to mention fans of the station.” Radio Business Report + TV Business Report (RBR + TVBR) said Mike Glickenhaus, former BCA president and market manager, is working with a new team of investors with “deep pockets.” Glickenhaus declined to respond to a request for comment for this story. RBR + TVBR also speculated that the Mexican owners pulled the plug due to anger over U.S. immigration policies. “The most important question for Mighty 1090 listeners remains unanswered: Is this really the end, or only the beginning of a whole new Mighty era?” wrote RBR + TVBR.


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Northgate Gonzalez Market, a 40-store Hispanic supermarket chain with outlets in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties, introduced its new TV advertising campaign during the recent Latin Billboard Music Awards show that aired on Telemundo. The Anaheim, Calif.-based grocery chain’s new ads play up its authentic food, ingredients and fresh offerings around the themes of sports, music and TV binge-watching. The spots, airing on outlets throughout Southern California, feature the nostalgically popular song, “What a Feeling,” from the 1983 film, Flashdance, with rewritten lyrics to reflect the emotions being felt by the various characters in the commercials. Spots are in English,, and Spanish, Financial details of the media buy were not available. The TV commercial takes the viewer inside a Northgate Market to its popular guacamole station where the avocado dip is made fresh to order and then cuts to a group of teens dancing at a concert while enjoying chips and guacamole. The “What a Feeling” music plays in the background with its new lyrics. The commercial then cuts to a kitchen and a man with a tray of delicious food like chips and salsa. He sings and dances as he walks toward the couch. The couple sits to watch TV and not move from their seats while “What a Feeling” echoes in the background. The spot also includes with a backyard family barbecue scene. The campaign, to include digital video, social media, radio and TV, was developed by Circus, a creative agency based in Santa Monica. Circus said its other clients have included Netflix, Spotify, WeWork, Uber, eBay, Twitter, Shure, DC Shoes, Barcel USA, Telemundo and Google. Northgate Gonzalez stores in San Diego County are located in Vista, Escondido, Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach and San Diego on University Avenue, 43rd Street and Main Street in Barrio Logan.


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The Port of San Diego has announced it recently received seven international and state marketing and communications awards. The awards were from the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals (AMCP) and the California Association of Public Information Officers (CAPIO). The CAPIO awards were for video production for the “#ThatsMyBay” series, website design, marketing plan for the “Discover Your Wonderfront at Harbor Island” campaign and crisis communications in response to a 2018 cyberattack that affected the Port’s ability to process park permits and records requests. The AMCP awards were for website design, social media campaign and PSA video production.