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COVID Talks / Phoebe Cornog & Roxy Prima

Thursday, 7 May 2020
COVID Talks / Phoebe Cornog & Roxy Prima

What steps has your agency taken to remain operational during the COVID-19 crisis?

We made a lay off, we’ve applied to every grant and loan under the sun, and we have leaned in to our online products that we offer.


What have you learned to do better during this time (as an agency)?

We’ve learned more about our business and where our revenue comes from. When covid hit, we made ourselves take a hard look at the numbers and it forced us to be more aware of our past and how we can improve in the future.


What have you learned to do better during this time (as an individual)?

We’ve learned that everyone is going through this together and everyone is struggling. Small acts of kindness matter now, more than ever. So we’ve been trying to do things to bring happiness to people during this tough time.


How have you responded to the changes in your client’s business strategy?

A lot of our murals are on hold so we have to focus on digital work. We’re pitching more social media graphics and branding packages.


In what ways has quarantine sparked your creativity?

It’s given us an opportunity to paint for fun. We’ve been doing a lot of paintings on canvases for friends and family.


How do you stay productive at home? (aka: kids, school, spouse, laundry)

Lots of cleaning, cooking, and happy hours.


Given our current circumstance, what opportunities do you foresee for yourself or agency that can provide solutions?

We are continuing to pump out new webinars and products that you can download online. In addition to designing, we are educators and want to continue to empower creatives.


Looking to the future, how do you see the marketing landscape shifting?

Experiential marketing will be on hold for awhile. Everything will be digital.