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2019-2020 One Club San Diego Board Slate

Monday, 8 July 2019
2019-2020 One Club San Diego Board Slate

Votes Due By September 9, 2019.

The One Club San Diego – Annual Election Notice – 2019/20 Fiscal Year

As a member in good standing of The One Club San Diego, the Nominating Committee chaired by Greg Carson (2018/19 President) asks your approval of the slate of Officers and Board candidates for 2019/20.

Proposed new Board members shall be elected for either a two-year term or a one-year term of office.  Goal is to have half the Board terms expiring on alternating years to provide continuity of leadership. &

Write-in candidates will be accepted and will require two thirds of the votes cast to be elected.


SDX Board of Directors
2019/20 Slate

2018/19 Proposed Executive Committee
  • Board Chair / Cary Johnson,
  • President / Greg Carson, Crown & Greyhound
  • 1st Vice President / Jennifer Rea, San Diego Magazine
  • 2nd Vice President / Preston Roeschlein, MeringCarson
  • Secretary / Jeannie Fratoni
  • Treasurer / Tonya Fossey, Viasat
Incumbent Board Members – Terms Expiring June 30, 2019 – vote for 2 year terms to June 30, 2021
  • Michael Warburton, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
  • David Traina, Traina Design
New Board Members – vote 2 year term (expiring June 30, 2021)
  • Greg Gibson, Grizzly
  • Tonya Fossey, Viasat
  • Kimberly Gilroy, Alfa Charlie
  • Jessica Fassett, Eat.Drink.Sleep
  • Elijah Schneider, Modifly
  • Josh Roush, Movetic
  • Angela Rivera, Mixte
  • Heather Molina, Red Door Interactive
Incumbent Board Members – Terms Expiring June 30, 2020 – no vote required
  • Kirsty Nunez, Q2 Insights
  • Meaghan Clark, Univison Radio
  • Beth Lynch, Entravision
  • Michael Sedio, BBB
Ex Officio Board Members – no vote required
  • Young Guns President 2019/20
  • SAFE President 2019/20



Votes due by Monday, September 9, 2019